Starting at $30 / month
We're different because we're real humans. 

Includes all of the following plus more...


Free SSL & Security

99% of the time this is your best option.


WP Updates

Is your site up-to-date? We're plugin masters.


Speed Checks

We look inside your WP and speed things up.


Traffic Reports

Reports to your inbox. Sent weekly or monthly.

Sites That Host With Us


Speed Matters

Nothing is faster than a server fully dedicated to you and your business. From web to mobile to not having to deal with another shared hosting company that tells you everything is going to be all right. Yet gives you super slow speeds. 


Web & Mobile

Things should be easy so we engineered easy. Get your server set up in less than 10 minutes and be ready for a whole new dynamic as your business increases.

Group 2


Everywhere has to be fast. Mobile is over 50% of traffic these days. For a nominal fee you can send your content blazingly fast to your potential customers. 

Shared Server:


Dedicated Server:


Check your Site Speed

If your load speed is above 1.5 to 2 seconds.
- Then you most likely need a new server. 

What our clients say

We have an over 95% retention rate. When our users see how well their servers are working for them, they become lifelong customers.


Everytime I clicked around on my dashboard, my site would take 2 to 4 seconds. I was frustrated as I tried to edit all of my products. Once I got a new server with Respektable it's been nothing but happy days. 

Rita Leite


I feel like my rankings and traffic went up. I'm not sure if they did or if my existing customers just came back more often. But all in all I'm a very happy camper.

Rebecca Miller


For some reason, my old blog used to load images very slowly. Now with Respektable things are loading very quickly for me on mobile. Mobile is where my customers are so it's nice to see my site working for me instead of me working for site.

Meghan Corcoran


Available, get it now!

After you've tried shared servers, nothing beats a dedicated VPS server. Even your backend WP dashboard will fly, never click and wait again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a dedicated VPS server will make you wonder why people sell shared servers. The speed and ease of use will please your customers whether visiting on web or mobile devices.